Olympic Park

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Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic park has 35 km of good safe trails with lots of scenery and some really interesting places to discover. All the bike trails are double lane.


Discover the brick pit


To get to the park by car, there are car parks everywhere. Only on sunny weekends after 11am will you have to hunt for a spot.

Better still arrive by train and the best station is Rhodes as it puts you in a great spot for riding. Olympic Park station is fine too and both have lifts for your bike. As usual with bikes on trains, avoid peak hour, go early if you can and Sunday is the easiest.

You can put your bike on the ferry and arrive at Woo-la-ra Quay. That would be cool but watch for busy times as you could be refused and no chance on Sunday.


Notes: There are two bike hire centres at Olympic park. There is the occasional road crossing so watch for that. Kids riding mecca apart from that.

The trail that I have posted takes you from near the Bike Hire center to the Ferry Terminal. Watch out for the fantastic brick pit and the tracks that take you up to the observation lookouts via a cork screw.


Overseas and Interstate Travellers: See Garry's Olympic Park post on a famous bike bloggers website


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The Brick Pit - You have to find it

The Brick Pit - You have to find it





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