Moore, Centennial and Queens Parks

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Moore, Centennial and Queens Parks

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Everyone rides the 4km loop at Centennial Park. Its great because you don't have to stop often and you have 4m of bike zone.


The 4 km loop at sunset


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I ride the less frequented outside tracks. It generally takes me an hour to circumnavigate the parks and the only road I go on is the separated cycle track in Bourke St, Redfern. I recommend having a go at this track once so you understand all your options and that includes the coffee shops in Redfern and Surry Hills. Click map link above to see my 14km outside track..




Start at the Darley Rd, York St corner.  Hug the outside of the park on the south (Darley rd) (Allison Rd) and make your way right around to the tennis courts on the other side of Centennial park. Here I cross Anzac Pde and ride around the back of Moore Park Golf Course. I then cross Anzac Pde on a shared bike/walking bridge and go through to Bourke St.  Ride down Bourke St to Arthur St and turn right.  Cross South Dowling again using the lights. Ride around the park (past the rotunda) between Anzac Pde and South Dowling. This a a really good park to ride and is generally empty.  Now cross Anzac Pde on the 20 million dollar spiral bridge.

Now head left past Alliance Stadium and loop around and back down Anzac Pde on the bike path. Head down the normal Centennial loop for a kilometer and then head up the hill to the gates, go around the outside of the park to next big gates and enter the park again. Ride carefully down the hill and return to the Darley/York corner. 

Notes:  Centennial loop is tricky for kids, Queens Park has a 1km sealed track that is fantastic for kids to learn as is the mini kids track in Centennial. Centennial loop has one important feature, you don't have to stop, just go around and around.



Redfern Connection: On the map below I have shown to get to the well protected green bike path on Bourke St. Also shown is Telopia St, the key to getting to Redfern Station.  If you want to come from Bondi Junction station, you have to ride 1km down Oxford Street which has no cycling lanes.

More: Extend the track a little more if you have wider wheels, work your way around the edge of Queens Park.  Apart from a bit of grass, a few steps near John St, this will expand your Centennial Park horizons a little bit more whilst you wait for the kids soccer to finish.





Ride around the outside of Centential, Moore and into Redfern to triple the ride

Ride around the outside of Centential, Moore and into Redfern to triple the ride

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Bourke St Redfern

Bourke St Redfern

Very popular kids cycle track - South Centential Park

Very popular kids cycle track - South Centential Park

centen1170_squareQueens Park south sidecenten1210_WP_20170404_18_07_25_Rich_LI


Inner Loop

Everyone rides the inside track which is a shade under 4km. Here are the pictures to show you why.






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